Monday, September 12, 2016

Andy Holmes - Sepsis Sparrow '

Hi, I’m Linda and my story is about my big brother Andrew who passed away on Friday, 13th of March, 2015. It’s ripped my world apart.
My brother visited me and my little sister in Glasgow in November 2014. Andrew stayed in Brighton at that point. When he visited us, something wasn’t right. I kept saying to him that he was looking ill , cold sweats, shortness of breath , and his sweat smelled weird, like rotten flesh. He had a snapped tooth that he was to get seen to, but never bothered.
Over the next month, he had been getting sore throats and a feeling of general unwell , run down, reduced urine output. The doctors told him it was a bad flu infection. Andrew got up Monday, the 9th of March, spoke to a friend telling them he felt like he was dying. That’s how poorly he felt. Andrew phoned an ambulance at 4ish and was admitted to hospital, after saying he told them he had been poorly a couple of days flu symptoms. Later that night, Andrew’s breathing changed and he needed help, so was given air. Tuesday morning, he had to be placed in an induced coma and he became worse very quickly.
Friday afternoon, Andrew passed away. I got the phone call from his good friend. I had never heard of sepsis , septic shock until now. But I promise I will go out of my way to make sure everyone knows the word from now on. RIP Big Slim. Love you xxx  Andy is so sadly missed by not just me but our little sister Pamela is struggling , the only comfort we have is Andy's safe in our mums arms up in heaven and we will meet again!

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