Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hello Doctor, can you hear me...

Too many times I have heard stories from survivors that their primary care physicians are not hearing them. I myself have this issue. Since sepsis has not been labeled correctly in the recent past, some older doctors do tend to have a hard time understanding our post issues. With all of the awareness being done today, the younger generation of care givers seem to have a better grasp of what is truly going on. I am not saying that all older doctors have the "get em in and get em out" mentality, but sometimes it does feel like we are rushed, and over looked. Like we are seekers of some sort. Well yes, we are/// we are seeking normality, a day without pain, a moment of clarity from the anxiety and circus that our brains now feel like! 

So please if you are a doctor reading this.... if you have a sepsis survivor in you care, do one thing for us ..... LISTEN!! 
Do not automatically assume you know what is going on, and can pin point a solution. Because a lot of us were health care professionals ourselves and ever we do  not have answers.
Our bodies have gone through severe traumas, like being drowned and waking up someone else.

To anyone having this issue, The Sepsis Alliance has a great piece of info for us all. It is an open letter to your doctor, free for you to print out and carry with you. If you are like me post sepsis, and have trouble really talking in person now, nervousness etc... this is an awesome helper :)

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