Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WORLD SEPSIS DAY 2016 - Sepsis Slayers Unite

SEPSIS is a global killer. It wreaks havoc wherever it goes. It turns peoples worlds upside down,
and sometimes takes the person completely. It is a Vampire, targeting your blood. A werewolf ravishing limbs, a zombie leaving your brain in the fog. 

Sepsis must be SLAYED!! 

Are you a sepsis slayer? 
Has sepsis stolen someone from you?
Share your story online, out and about town, sitting in waiting rooms
to whomever will listen. The more we spread the word to sepsis that we are 
coming for it, then the more people will know how to slay it !!

share your stories here at The Sepsis Diaries 
email me at thesepsisdiaries@gmail.com

- and remember, we are all in this together <3 
xoxox Erica 

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