Monday, September 12, 2016

Sepsis is not a game....

So, I normally do not do this, but I am just baffled at the moment.
Things never tend to shock me, cause I know some people are just going to suck at life, no matter what. But I never thought there could ever be meanness or severity surrounding a global cause.

That being said, I am not going to fully go into detail about what went on the other day.
Let's just say apparently, someone creating a blog to help other survivors and families
of  people who passed due to sepsis.... is wrong according to some people.
Or at least announcing it on other pages. Now if it was a business, I could see it being wrong.
But I was removed and blocked form a SURVIVORS SUPPORT GROUP! 

I am a two time sepsis survivor myself, who has ovarian cancer on top of it! I received no messages ,
instructing me on anything! It was boom and I was outta there. Let me just say, no one will ever have
to feel threatened , nor should they ever , when it comes to sharing our stories.

Rant Complete.... never feel bullied or mistreated 
Sepsis has hurt us all enough <3 

- Erica

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